Little Apple Love

What we love about our town…

We have been asking lately what is Manhattan’s greatest strength. It is something we sense but it can hardly be put into words. I think essentially Manhattan has a unique personality which attracts those who live here. It is a small town with exceptional amenities. It has this energy, youth, and brain trust from the University. It has several economic engines (Ft. Riley, KSU, and others) that inject investment and vitality.  And it is full of outdoor venues to enjoy and appreciate the Kansas Flint Hills.

Some might say the people are what make a city what it is, but those people stay here because they are attracted to something. Knowing this delivers a challenge to Manhattan. When Manhattan becomes like everywhere else and ceases to possess its unique personality, we will lose.  Now it's not bad to have chain stores and restaurants. When you’re in a hurry to head out of town or need a quick bite to eat, those places are convenient and delicious. However, when we trade the places, spaces, and traits that make our community unique, then we will cease to be the Little Apple we know today. So, bring on the Varsity donuts, Blue Earth Plaza fountains, Linear Trail biking, and Widgets arcades, and the thousand other places that make our #mhk unique. We need you and believe that you are a huge part of why this town is so awesome!

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Wood Swimmer

Wood Swimmer Video on YouTube

Why do we as humans love wood as a building material so much? I have a theory, and it is that trees are so much like us it’s uncanny. At first glance, the same species of tree looks very similar, but upon closer visual inspection you can see that no two trees are quite alike, and their branches divide and grow in a way that distinguishes each tree from their neighbor. Further study will reveal that each tree’s fate and visual presence is further distinguished by the life it leads. Lightning might strike it or its animal neighbors may alter it. It might have a few scars from a hard drought or a particularly nasty storm.

Trees vary by location, their environment, and their fruit. Some mature slowly over time, others sprout and grow quickly. It’s fun and so easy to draw parallels between our personalities and those of trees. One thing is clear, that although there are so many types of trees, each one is uniquely beautiful and contributes to the environment around it.



Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam wifin a dweam…

After we get your attention, our job isn't to win you over through a value proposition or sales pitch, it's more akin to a courtship where we both evaluate if we should get married.

The relationship between Client and Architect is defined ­as an "agency", which means we as professionals have an obligation to represent the interests of our clients as if we were an extension of you. We take an exorbitant amount of time before we even start designing to understand your wants and needs. And we will work tireless hours trying to make you as happy as possible. Much like a marriage, if one person isn't happy, it’s almost impossible for the other person to be happy.

This means that perhaps the single most important factor in our relationship is the single most important factor in any relationship: trust. You will be trusting us to create a design, trusting us with your finances, trusting us to lead a team, trusting us to meet your deadlines, and trusting us to have your best interests at heart the whole time.

This is why, once we get your attention by strutting our stuff, or perhaps a friend of yours recommends us, the proceeding process is more akin to a courtship than a product evaluation. We will be working together for a long period of time on perhaps the largest financial and stressful endeavor of your life. That’s why before you sign anything, we want to get to know you. We want to start with a conversation, and build a strong foundation of trust.


Welcome Ian Hartsook

Timber & Stone Architecture is excited to welcome our fourth full-time team member - Ian Hartsook!  He hails from Emporia where he gained considerable design and construction experience through 4 years at a design-build firm. A graduate of Kansas State University, Ian is excited to be back in Manhattan. His skills and passions include drawing, woodworking, powerlifting, cooking, working on his American Foursquare home with his wife Gretchen, and playing with their two Yellow Lab buddies Finnegan and Fiona. His skills and personality have already proven to be a great fit with the Timber & Stone culture. Through a fun and creative culture of excellence, Timber & Stone delivers interesting projects to interesting people in the pursuit of making the Manhattan area more unique, beautiful and viable.

Welcome Chris Chamberlin!

Timber & Stone is excited to welcome a new full-time member to our team - Chris Chamberlin! His skills and passions include attention to detail, superb 3D modeling, and a penchant for creativity that extends into cooking, construction, gardening, and a passion for sustainable living. He has already had a huge impact on Timber & Stone with the graphic design of our new logo, and his skills and personality have already made him an indispensable addition to our team. 

He has gained notable construction and graphic design experience since graduating from K-State in 2009. There he studied abroad in Italy and graduated with a Master of Architecture and published an article for his concentration on philosophy in a professional journal. He has whole heartedly taken up the Timber & Stone challenge of riding his bike to work whenever possible, and he can be seen cycling to projects on a vintage 1960's Schwinn that weighs almost as much as he does. When he's not toiling away on one of his intricately detailed Sketchup models, he might be home with his wife Emmy teaching their new son Parker their love of gardening. 

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