What Is It Like to Work With Us?

You will never meet more down to earth people. You will never feel like you should be more than you already are, need more than you already have, or know more people than you already know.  Clients come to us with a need (hopefully only architectural ones, but occasionally we have been know to act as marriage counselors). But when they do come to us with a need, we desire to be a source of ideas for them when they do. Connecting them to the right contractor, engineer, etc… and coming up with ways to keep their budget but still make their vision come to life. You will never be judged for a messy house, a low budget, or that you should have called months ago. No, you are accepted here and that is that.

There is never a day where you (whether client or employee, custodian or neighbor) are not welcome in this group and your ideas are not valued. There are no private offices here. We have (purposely) faced all our computers out so everyone can see what everyone is working on anytime they want. We seek motivated professionals who take direction not just from task-master overseers, but from their own internal ever-hungry drumbeat. Our leaders seek not to boss, but collaborate as colleagues. Seth Godin put it well when comparing a factory versus a studio, “The boss in a factory relies on compliance. More compliance leads to more profits. Do what you’re told, faster and cheaper, repeat…. The studio, on the other hand, is about initiative. Creativity, sure, but mostly the initiative to make a new thing, a better thing, a process that leads to better.” This is who we are.  A studio.  We think it's the best way to solve your design problems of today (and tomorrow).

Every year, the more we move forward, the more we  feel like we are creating something very special and that feels really great.  We don’t want to be like any old regular architecture firm. This looks like taking risks and going out on a limb where others maybe won’t. We live our dreams. There are no empty platitudes, and we hold each other’s feet to the fire when it comes to the excellence we all want to embody.  We are willing to sacrifice a bit to make things right, whether that is to develop better design or the integrity of it. You will never hear us say, “tried and true” or “ same old, same old.” We believe in the unique and well designed is will deliver more value than you ever thought possible.  

Time is one of our most precious resource as humans. We never want someone to feel like they are wasting theirs on our behalf.  That doesn’t mean we will never spend time on an idea that may not pan out like we hoped or find us having a little fun when we know we should be working. Each person’s overall experience here is one of making a difference. We always hope that their cup is full and that they feel invested and appreciated.  As Mike (one of our owners) puts it, “My hope is that ‘work’ never feels like work, but rather a place/activity that nurtures each individual’s soul and passions and allows them to reach their God given potential in the most enriching and inspiring environment we can provide.”

So what is it like to work with us? Spend just an hour with us and you will find some of the most creative, cleaver, skilled, and passionate people that deeply desire to make a difference to our community. Are we perfect? Heck no. We make mistakes just like everyone else. We miss deadlines (Sorry!).  We may not clearly communicate (Dang it!). And, we occasionally forget a detail that should have been included in those drawings (Hand to face!). But… Will we say sorry when we make a mistake? (YES!) Will we work our butt off to fix it? (You have no idea!). And will we put in way more time and effort then probably anyone else would? (I guarantee it!!).  We have your back. We believe in your project, and as a team, we desire nothing but to help it become one of the greatest success stories of your life.

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