Timber & Stone is committed to the community that supports us. We are engaged in numerous community organizations, and have completed a series of projects below on a pro bono basis.  We participated in the Manhattan Preservation Alliance and served on City of Manhattan Advisory Boards. 





Treehouse for Everyone Project | St. Joseph, MO

The Treehouse for Everyone is a grassroots organization that sought to design and build a barrier-free structure that allowed all people with any disability to have the treehouse "experience". 



Education Engagement

Architecture is a profession that must be passed on. We are happy to accommodate students that are interested in the profession who want to see first hand the non-stop-action-packed-adventure of what architects actually do all day. We are also happy to speak in the classroom or elsewhere about the profession and bring samples of drawings, materials, and design software for students to get some hands on experience. 



Pro Bono Work

Timber & Stone generally takes on several pro bono projects a year, depending on their size and complexity. These are generally non-profit community based projects. If you have a project that you feel could benefit from our design and consulting work, we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

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