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We are a group of architects in Manhattan, KS, seeking to enrich communities through unique, viable, and beautiful design. We work on residential or commercial projects and have significant experience with historic preservation.


An Old Stone House, a Home Again


Timber & Stone acted as the preservation consultant on this significant rehabilitation project.  The historic stone home, barn, and stable were all restored and modified to accommodate the offices of Katie's Way, a mental health service provider for youth and young adults.



A Historically Sensitive Front Porch Addition

Timber & Stone used historic photos of this home to guide the design. While keeping to the Victorian style, we modified it a bit from the original to create an elegant but historically sensitive front porch.


A Manhattan Icon, Revitalized


The highly detailed renovation and restoration of the Union Pacific Depot was a three phase project occurring over a span of nine years. Originally constructed in 1901, the Depot had undergone several previous renovations which left the structure as a faint shadow of its former self. Its most devastating transformation was the loss of its tower in 1938. The restoration project - with Bruce McMillan Aia-Architects PA acting as the Architect of record - revived the tower along with the rest of the building, allowing it to function as a multipurpose meeting facility rented out by the City of Manhattan. The project was recognized by both the American Institute of Architects, receiving their top award in 2006, and by the Kansas Preservation Alliance the following year. Timber & Stone was involved in this project from start to finish and contributed heavily as a historic preservation consultant.



A Remodel of a Historic Downtown Office Building


In addition to design and drawings, Timber & Stone acted as a historic preservation consultant on this building at 4th & Poyntz Avenue in Manhattan, KS.

This project involved the preservation and restoration of one of Manhattan’s key historic downtown office buildings.  Largely built of local limestone, the building received a significant face lift in 1933 which had since been deemed historic in it’s own right.  These modifications are comprised of the metal cornices and the granite columns with carved limestone bases and capitols.  At first glance this structure has the appearance of being basic in nature but, in order to faithfully restore the key elements of this building, a very detailed and rigorous process was followed.  Both technical expertise and an artisan’s sense of materials and construction were required to achieve top quality results.  Most of the main floor was occupied prior to the project’s inception but the upper floor, basement and part of the main floor had been vacant for years and previous tenants had made various modifications without any recognition of the building’s existing original architectural style or features.  

With this project, the interior has been transformed into a showpiece of what might have been found 100 years ago and the exterior has likewise been given new life and finished out in appropriate colors and detailing.  With the addition of all new systems, the Eames building is ready for another 100 years.   


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