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We are a group of architects in Manhattan, KS, seeking to enrich communities through unique, viable, and beautiful design. We work on residential or commercial projects and have significant experience with historic preservation.


A Screened Porch and Interior Remodel

After exploring the option of buying a new home, many clients decide to stay in their current place and come to us for help. Valuing their neighborhood and location, they want to see if their home has the potential to suit their needs.
The Summit Drive renovation is a great example of the magic that can happen when your current home is renovated to meet your new needs.  This home, built in 1955, had served its family well.   However, the owners wished for an updated living space and kitchen, as well as a back yard that fit their lifestyle more closely.
We were excited and able to walk through the decision-making process with the client - weighing the options and finding the best solution for the family's need. With the help of Duell Construction, we ended up being able to remodel the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living space plus a new screened porch addition.

An Addition to a Mid-Century Ranch


This three-bedroom addition to a historic mid-century ranch, connected by a glazed bridge, is the first phase of the planned renovation project for the site.  Look for Phase II soon, when the original house is revitalized and a new entry tower, garage, and mudroom are added.



An Addition to a Modest Cottage

In 2015, a family came to us to add an addition onto their cozy two bedroom, one bathroom home. After searching for new homes on the boundaries of town they decided they loved their current home, their neighborhood, and the short walk they both enjoyed to campus every morning for work. Instead of buying a home designed for no one in particular, they sought a solution with Timber & Stone. 

With a limited budget, they foresaw the need that eventually their children would want separate rooms. They wanted laundry on the first floor, a dining room that fit their whole family, a screen porch, and a master suite. Starting with a sketch the owner had made in Excel, Timber & Stone created a plan for a compact addition that accomplished all their goals.  And, with the help of Duell Construction the vision came to life.


Kitchen Remodel & Master Bedroom and Library Addition


Timber & Stone first aided in redesigning an existing interior living space into a new kitchen, and then designed a master bedroom and library addition to the existing home.



A Modern Twist on Mid-Century





A Historic Home Turned Bed & Breakfast





A 12-unit Apartment Building Near the K-State Campus


Located just a few blocks west of the K-State campus, Tecumseh Lofts offers the perfect location for those seeking walking access to the University District while living on the quieter west side of campus.  Combining new urban architecture and progressive floor plans, Tecumseh Lofts offers a unique living experience in Manhattan. 

The site posed many challenges, however those same challenges provided opportunities for unique design solutions. The lofts are contemporary with both an industrial edge and enough warmth to keep them from feeling inhospitable. Raw steel and corrugated metal were used throughout the construction, but softened through the use of warm colors and natural woods. This project allowed us to explore new design ideas within a construct that drew from contemporary as well as traditional and even primitive design themes.


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