Wood Swimmer

Wood Swimmer Video on YouTube

Why do we as humans love wood as a building material so much? I have a theory, and it is that trees are so much like us it’s uncanny. At first glance, the same species of tree looks very similar, but upon closer visual inspection you can see that no two trees are quite alike, and their branches divide and grow in a way that distinguishes each tree from their neighbor. Further study will reveal that each tree’s fate and visual presence is further distinguished by the life it leads. Lightning might strike it or its animal neighbors may alter it. It might have a few scars from a hard drought or a particularly nasty storm.

Trees vary by location, their environment, and their fruit. Some mature slowly over time, others sprout and grow quickly. It’s fun and so easy to draw parallels between our personalities and those of trees. One thing is clear, that although there are so many types of trees, each one is uniquely beautiful and contributes to the environment around it.


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