Little Apple Love

What we love about our town…

We have been asking lately what is Manhattan’s greatest strength. It is something we sense but it can hardly be put into words. I think essentially Manhattan has a unique personality which attracts those who live here. It is a small town with exceptional amenities. It has this energy, youth, and brain trust from the University. It has several economic engines (Ft. Riley, KSU, and others) that inject investment and vitality.  And it is full of outdoor venues to enjoy and appreciate the Kansas Flint Hills.

Some might say the people are what make a city what it is, but those people stay here because they are attracted to something. Knowing this delivers a challenge to Manhattan. When Manhattan becomes like everywhere else and ceases to possess its unique personality, we will lose.  Now it's not bad to have chain stores and restaurants. When you’re in a hurry to head out of town or need a quick bite to eat, those places are convenient and delicious. However, when we trade the places, spaces, and traits that make our community unique, then we will cease to be the Little Apple we know today. So, bring on the Varsity donuts, Blue Earth Plaza fountains, Linear Trail biking, and Widgets arcades, and the thousand other places that make our #mhk unique. We need you and believe that you are a huge part of why this town is so awesome!

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