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Tools of the Trade: Need some inspiration and enjoy fonts?

Try this app called Fontspark

Test out how your text might be perceived as you click through randomly generated Google Fonts, free to use. You can even filter them by serif/san-serif and weight.


Gallery: Construction Photos of a Lake Home in Progress

A Timber & Stone Project

Things are really starting to come together on this Lake Home near Alma, KS. We’re excited to see the owner’s dream come to life and we can’t wait to share some finished images.


Case Study: Teaching Center in Vienna

A Project by BUSarchitektur

"We envisage the new academic space located at the north-east of the new Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business as a venue for multiple networking. More than a mere building, the Teaching Center is a learning platform that promotes spontaneous communication while also making it possible to undertake the classes and activities that occur within."

Here at Timber & Stone, we also appreciate that it has a slight resemblance to a Sand Crawler from Star Wars while still being an example of excellent design in the world.


Technology: Star Trek Replicator technology is not far away.

A new way to 3D Print

"They nicknamed it ‘the replicator’ — in homage to the machines in the Star Trek saga that can materialize virtually any inanimate object.

Researchers in California have unveiled a 3D printer that creates an entire object at once, rather than building it layer by layer as typical additive-manufacturing devices do — bringing science-fiction a step closer to reality."


8 Reasons We Should All Care More About Landscape Architecture

An article From Architizer

Get inspired by a handful of case studies that are great examples of how amazing landscape architecture can take a building project to a whole new level.


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