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Just for Fun: la Clairvoyance

A painting by Rene Magritte

We really enjoyed this painting when we stumbled across it recently.

“With his highly cerebral Surrealist imagery, René Magritte breathed new life into seemingly conventional subject matter. He often painted everyday objects out of context, in juxtapositions forcing the viewer to reconsider things normally taken for granted. … Magritte’s highly figurative style of Surrealism is often discussed along the work of Salvador Dalí and Giorgio de Chirico, and his persistent interrogation of objects has both influenced and paved the way for seminal artistic movements, from Conceptualism to Pop art.”


Something We Learned About This Week: Permeable Paver Systems

Learn more about Eco-CityLock Permeable Pavers at Keystone Hardscapes

We like to learn something new every day, and this week that included a continuing education class on Permeable Paving. This alternative to concrete or asphalt allows water to absorb into the ground instead of running off into the storm drain system. It's a win-win, but we also learned these systems require annual maintenance, essentially running a street-sweeper over them once a year should do it! Here’s a video that describes how the systems works and an article about how it and other pervious pavements could help cities manage storm water runoff problems.


Fascinating Website: Movie Sets you can Visit over Spring Break

An Interactive Map,

In Honor of the Oscars this past week and the possibility of upcoming travel for Spring Break, check out this interactive map that shows actual film locations from various movies, all over the world. You can even submit new locations to add to the map! If you happen to be on your to Chicago in the next few weeks, why not recreate some famous scenes from Ferris Bueller’s Day off?


Case Study: Chicken Coops in Turkey by SO?

An Article from Dezeen

We thought this was a beautiful way to use very standard materials to create a beautiful and functional agricultural structure.

“House of Chickens, designed by architecture studio SO?, is a modular coop for 800 chickens on an artist's farm in Turkey. Istanbul-based practice SO?  designed the coop on the Palanga Art and Architecture Farm in Erzincan, a project of Kutlug Ataman, who is commissioning structures for animals and wildlife in the neglected rural area.”


Technology: Black Panther's Oscar-winning Costumes include 3D-printed Designs

An Article from Dezeen

“Black Panther took home the 2019 Academy Award for Best Costume Design for outfits that included an intricate collar and crown created using 3D printing.

Costume designer Ruth E Carter accepted the award at the Oscars ceremony on 24 February 2019, when the superhero movie based on Marvel comic books received three prizes in total.

Among the elaborate costumes worn in the movie were a crown and huge shoulder mantle donned by Queen Ramonda, played by American actress Angela Bassett.

These designs were created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Austrian architect Julia Körner, who has previously worked on 3D-printed haute couture for Iris Van Herpen and Chanel.”

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