Some Things to Think About.


Manhattan ranked 16th on 2019 List of Best, Affordable Places to Live | MarketWatch

“Far from the hustle and bustle of New York City is “The Little Apple” — better known as Manhattan, Kan. — home to Kansas State University, a blossoming food scene and a charmingly restored downtown.”


Frazier Home Design | Instagram

Raleigh, NC Home Designer Tony Frazier caught our eye on Instagram with a shared passion for timeless #architecture. Check our #frazierhomedesign on IG, their website at, or click on some of their work below to check out their IG page.


Why Graphene hasn’t Taken Over the World Yet | The Verge

Here is a really interesting video from The Verge about a technology that made a lot of waves about 15 years ago, spurring things like space elevators and super light armor on to viral popularity. So, where did graphene go?


Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Back into Coal | Dezeen

“Carbon dioxide could be removed from the atmosphere and stored as a solid in a bid to manage climate change, using a new technique pioneered at Australia's RMIT University.”


A Quote We’ve been Thinking About | Norman Foster

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