What Are Timber & Stone's Core Values?

The culture of a company is not something that happens by accident - it is intentionally created and protected by its company.  At Timber & Stone, we want to be driven by our core values and make decisions based on them. By building a matrix to filter our decisions, we believe we can deliver better results internally and for our clients. These values shape our dreams, actions, and determine what risks we take.  We recruit and hire based on them. And of course, we hope to attract clients who share them. They are the heart and sole of our company. We would like to introduce them to you:


We seek handcrafted solutions reflecting the highest expression of each trade and the nature of each material.

Using our technical skills in craftsmanship and our natural sense of curiosity and creativity, we work at design problems until they are fully solved. Therefore, every well-crafted design is beautiful, and every beautiful thing is well-crafted. We want to see design excellence happen on all projects. We love finding custom solutions that fit with each of our clients (whether family or business). Delivering custom 3D models and crafting details into each of our drawings.


We believe a great team beats a lone wolf every time, and you are invited to join in the process.

Collaboration means drawing our clients in to participate in the design process to co-create, building a team of consultants, contractors, and industry professionals.  We believe that the cross-pollination of groups allows for innovation, and everyone’s voice matters.


Every line we draw on paper represents a resource being used - we treat your resources as we would our own.

We always want to do the right thing. That means hire and work for people who do the same. To design and build for someone, we believe requires an incredible amount of trust. We want to earn that trust by doing the right thing, even if no one is watching.  Design requires trusting us with your resources, and we know every line on paper means something on this earth gets moved. We take that very seriously. We take the time to understand our local building materials and desire to use them wisely.


We desire to grow each day as individuals and as a team - seeking to learn at every opportunity.

We constantly want to invest in the people around us, continually deepening our understanding of their needs and concerns.  We want to grow in knowledge and understanding of our industry, keeping up with new materials, design, and building techniques. Learning something new everyday is our goal.


We believe in the power of design to improve our world - this passion is the rocket fuel that drives us everyday.

We are idealists at heart, believing the world can be a better place through the implementation of thorough design. There is magic that happens when a well-executed design takes shape and becomes reality. This is what fuels our passion every single day. Never losing the wonder that accompanies the human endeavor of building things.


We find joy in what we do and hope it is contagious.

We love what we do and love working together. Every member on the creating team has a unique sense of humor that is welcomed and celebrated. We think architecture is fun, and we hope that our clients have as much fun as we do!

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