Why Hire an Architect?

It's amazing the number of choices we make everyday. What to eat, what to do, what socks do I wear today? Occasionally we face larger decisions like what house to buy or where to live. Some people are quite decisive, while others need more help.  It's amazing how much time we can spend on a relatively small decisions throughout the day. When it comes to building or remodeling your home or business, the number of decisions needing made and moving parts involved are endless.

For starters, we can help you visualize your new space. We use 3D models with rich textures and shadows so that you can see your vision, and  even use virtual reality to put yourself in the space. For one client, we even put pizza on the table so they could show clients what it would feel like to eat in their new space! Visualizing a space gives you confidence in the design decisions you are making every day.

For each client, we become their advocates. Ideally in projects, everyone is looking out for everyone's interests, but that is not always the case. We architect's work as advocates for the owners and work hard to understand their interests. Making sure they are represented in the design of the project, then work diligently to make sure those interests are at the forefront during construction.

We ask questions. A lot of them. It’s hard to estimate how valuable asking the right questions at the right time is, but it is how we seek to know and understand our clients.  Perhaps the most undervalued reason to hire an architect is we can give a project meaning. Through our conversations and question asking, we learn about who you are and start to write your story into the walls of your space.

We will also make sure your project is the right size. Homes are often over-sized for how a family actually wants to live. Businesses are often undersized and don’t allow for future growth. We will help makes sure the space is appropriate and that no space is wasted. Not to mention you don’t want to build square feet or volume above what you need. Once it’s constructed you have to pay to have it heated, cooled, and cleaned indefinitely.

Keeping this in mind, architects can make your home more sustainable. Not only is this good for the environment and the earth as a whole - it’s generally good for your budget. While some green materials or high-efficiency systems cost more up front, they generally cost less over the long run and deliver a healthier environment to live, work, eat and play. And like mentioned above, you don’t want to build more than you can afford to maintain.

Architects help you get started. If you know you have building needs but have no idea where to start, reaching out to an architect is a great place to figure out what you need to do next. We are experts at getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.

We make your project beautiful. Whether you want sleek lines and clean detailing, or you want to match your historic home, we want to make the design of your project something you love to walk into everyday.

Finally, we lead a team. Projects can have quite a few players, from contractors and tradespeople, vendors and suppliers, code officials, a variety of engineers, consultants, interior designers, plan reviewers, and many more. The architect is at the intersection of all these players, and we help translate the vision we create together to the team as a whole.

Architects help you visualize your project and advocate for you. We ask questions and impute purpose into your project while making sure it’s the right size and sustainable. We deliver great design that will ensure it is beautiful and lead the team of people to see it all get done. Architects are your guide through the maze of decisions that is construction and will help you arrive at the building or home you had in mind from the start.

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