Why the name Timber & Stone?

It all started with a question: Where did architecture begin? Any firm is of course influenced by the unique experiences and tastes of its owners. For Timber & Stone, this means an avid appreciation for and an unquenchable thirst for understanding history and it's architecture.  If you could break down architecture into periodical elements, what were they? Also, what sounded cool? After many considerations like, (Rock & Wood, Wood & Stone, and Stone & Stick), Timber & Stone was born.

We could have named the company after its owners, Mecseri and Stock, but we risked sounding like a law firm. Plus, we wanted a name that could be easily passed down to aspiring architects.  Mike Mecseri founded the company in 2000 because he loved to build things well. He was one of those strange kids who always knew he was going to be an architect as long as he could remember. In late 2012, Joe and Mike spent a Sunday afternoon hiking an 80-acre property that was being explored as a development site (this later turned into a zip line course). They quickly realized that they were excited to work together and could make Manhattan more unique. They became partners in 2013 and felt together they had something to give to our community.

Timber & Stone focuses on projects that make our community more unique, beautiful, and viable while having as much fun as legally allowed. This often brings us projects in the landmark parts of the city, renovations to historic homes, downtown buildings, or projects that bring something unique to Manhattan and the surrounding community.  Timber and Stone takes a hands-on, craft approach to design. We work with people who love their community and love design. We write a story about our clients, and create architecture from there. We turn their stories into their building, their office space, or their home.

We love what we do.  We truly believe that design can change people’s live for the better.  We want to make exceptional things for awesome people. We want to make architecture that changes and improves the community.  We want to stir the imagination. In the end, we want to make exceptional things that make communities, specifically our Manhattan community, exceptional.

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