Timber & Stone began as a design-build firm in 2000. We are founded on the design team working closely with the craftsman who will build a project. 

Design Build: An architect and contractor team up to become one entity that an owner then hires. This can simplify communication with the owner and ensures more accurate contractor pricing and construction input from the onset. Design build teams can also offer expedited construction schedules on fast track projects. Timber & Stone has teamed up with a variety on contractors to offer design-build services. Contractors can trust Timber & Stone's experience as a design-build firm and understanding of the demands and risks associated with general contracting allow us to 

Design-Bid-Build (traditional):

A design-build project is a delivery method that differs from the more common design-bid-build method. In a design-bid-build process, a client retains an architect first to design the project and when the construction documents are complete, the project is bid to multiple contractors. In a design-build process, the architect and their team of consultants and the general contractor partner together as one entity. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the general advantages can be a simplification of having to deal with one entity - the design-build team. Other advantages can include an accelerated time schedule and a more defined project budget, as the general contractor can provide continuous pricing increases as the plans are developed. The expertise of the contractor can also help in certain situations by having their input in the design phase. 

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